Dive with us into mystical forests, impressive volcanic landscapes, enchanted paths and rooted trails - perfect for conquering on an e-bike. Welcome to the Vulkaneifel. The "Hohe Acht" mountain is the highest elevation above all other Eifel volcanoes and opens up a view of new horizons. This is exactly where the birthplace of our premium e-bike brand lies:

new horizons

Our vision

We all dream of distant destinations to satisfy our wanderlust. And yet there is so much fascinating nature right in front of us – all we have to do is get into it.

With our e-bike models, we try to encourage people to explore unknown trails, take on challenges, push their limits and discover new horizons.

Brand creation

Known as the highest mountain in the Eifel and at the same time the name for a section of the Nordschleife race track on the Nürburgring, the term Hohe Acht is not a foreign word to many. The spirit of the legendary Green Hell, which leads through the middle of the mystical Eifel forests and is considered one of the most demanding routes in the world, coupled with the impressive volcanic landscape with the Hohe Acht volcano as the highest regional peak, inspired us to name our e-bike brand HoheAcht.

The highest standards of quality and performance combined with a desire for adventure and a passion for cycling reflect our ambitions for all future models. With our e-bike models we appeal to all those who want more and can hardly wait to explore foreign paths and discover new horizons with their e-bike.

746,9 meters

off to new horizons

e-bikes from Germany

Our HoheAcht e-bikes are equipped to a high standard and carefully assembled. A large part of the added value is generated in Germany. From the first fixed idea to the perfect paintwork to final assembly - every step on the way to the premium e-bike is controlled by the TechniBike. This secures jobs on site, guarantees the highest quality and enables us to react flexibly to market changes and customer requests.

Who is behind the brand?

The company behind the HoheAcht brand is no stranger to the bicycle market:

The company TechniBike GmbH, based in Daun in the Vulkaneifel, was founded in 2016. As part of Techniropa Holding, a strong group of companies, we are backed by strong sister companies with a wide range of expertise.

Every beginning is notoriously difficult for a young company, and so it was We have faced one or two challenges in the past. These experiences have made us stronger and that is why we look to the future with confidence and motivation.