Über HoheAcht

About HoheAcht


    For us, 2020 represents a year full of challenges and changes. Sometimes you have to leave old ways in order to reshape the future and expand your horizons.

    For this reason, we are launching the new e-bike brand HoheAcht in spring 2020.

    For us, the HoheAcht brand stands for the longing for adventure, for the courage to explore foreign paths and discover new horizons.

    Where does the name HoheAcht come from?
    The headquarters of our company is in Daun, in the middle of the region "Vulkaneifel". Here the name "Hohe Acht" is known as the highest mountain in the Eifel and at the same time also the name for a section of the "Nordschleife" racetrack on the Nürburgring and is therefore not a foreign word for many.
    The spirit of the legendary Green Hell, which leads through the middle of the mystical Eifel forests and is considered one of the most demanding routes in the world, coupled with the impressive volcanic landscape and the Hohe Acht volcano as the highest regional peak, inspired us to name our new e-bike brand HoheAcht .
    The highest standards of quality and performance combined with a desire for adventure and a passion for cycling reflect our ambitions for the HoheAcht brand and all future models.
    With our e-bike models we appeal to all those who want more and can hardly wait to explore foreign paths and discover new horizons with their e-bike.

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